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The world in which we live in through my eyes is nothing short of a watching a child on a bike heading toward a fall, unable to stop & there is nothing you can do but throw your hands on your head, cringe & hope for the best. Knowing that the end is going to be rough, but hopeful you can start over.

Our constant battle to outdo each other on social media is suffocating & habitual. Everyone is a comedian, an athlete, a super-parent, a success-story, a bad-ass, a worthy cause, an enlightened souls, opinion leaders,  politically savvy, trend-forward and living life way better than you. In this arena, have we essentially gone back to our roots where we instinctively compete amongst the pack for positions? Self-servingly put ourselves up on pedestals for others to envy? Providing daily status reports on our personal lives with connectivity amplifying the power of perception?

Everything is debatable by those who are thirsting for a fight, hiding behind keyboards and ambiguous user ID’s.

Or is it and eclectic collection of personal agendas? I’m better than you because I have never been. I’m just like you you because I have never belonged. I’m doing exactly what you are doing, but I’m defiant.

Tragedy is trendy. Compassion is commercial & temporary. Monotony is news-worthy. We are removed from the physical, the face-to-face and further from genuine human compassion.

I fear that my adulthood has been stripped of the beauty of quiet discovery & private observation of the world that my childhood had. I fear that is something that my daughter will never know & she will always be trapped in this social media world that is a side-effect of our advancements.

I believe that as an intelligent species, we were destined to be technologically advanced. We are supposed to help people in 3rd world countries find light with solar power, and other like opportunities to help everyone on this earth live. We were supposed to have small computers aid us all in living, but we should not live life by them.

Go plant a garden, plant flowers for the bees, shovel your neighbors driveway & rake their leaves, help carry someone’s groceries, donate what you don’t need & reuse what you can. Do it all for yourself. Make yourself a good strong helpful heart.  Gain self appreciation and self worth. Learn to talk to people. Learn to be kind to one another.

…and while you’re doing all of that, skip the “selfie.”






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